Govt. Degree College Women , Kathua.


Government Degree College for Kathua, provides safe and reliable uninterrupted transport facility to the students, faculty and staff with the best of safety arrangements available for the neighboring areas. The students in college bus are accompanied by well-trained attendant to ensure their safety. Bus driver is screened and required to undergo special training that involve ensuring their young passengers’ safety and security, first aid and medical procedures, road safety, and other important concerns. They are also required to undergo testing for drug and alcohol consumption as well as driving record checks. Traffic laws are implemented specifically for college bus transport to make sure that students are protected.

The college bus is spacious and can accommodate many passengers at a time. One can avail this bus from remote areas as well if it comes within the specified transference radius, otherwise transporters can come to a common point for easy pick up and drop in. At all levels, it is ensured that punctuality of the vehicle is maintained. Besides, public transport is another option to reach to the campus as well.

Bus route optimization is taken care of while deciding the college bus route. For last few years, it has been running to and fro from College Campus to Hiranagar. A modest fare of rupees five, ten and fifteen is charged as per the distance to be travelled.

College bus is home to various college memories. College bus takes students to various trips like Industrial Visits, NCC, NSS , Sports Activities, college picnics and subject tours. Most students enjoy riding on college bus because they get to interact with many other students from college. They can also be as noisy as they want to be, laughing and shouting during the daily travel. It allows them to build friendships outside of the classroom. College bus drivers are educated to observe traffic rules and road safety. They do not drive recklessly and they make sure to follow road signs. Most parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are in good hands as they travel to and fro from college.

Additionally, responsible College Administration maintains a college Bus log book and ensures timely repair, paper work and service of the college bus.