Govt. Degree College Women , Kathua.

Our Mission

A mission is fundamental to strategic planning. It is an assertion of the institution purpose and should easily define its ideals as well as the services provided to various stakeholders. It performs about an institution's financial planning , budgeting, staffing and academic programming. The mission statement of values, aims and goals of the state. The mission of the Govt. Degree College For Women , Kathua consists of following points.

• To promote quality education through continuous effort, conviction and commitment.

• To empower women and enable them to rise above all constraints.

• To introduce innovative courses which will not only strengthen educational inputs for the betterment of the society but also make the students to face challenges of life effectively?

• To develop all round social personalities through a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.

• To offer a wide range of choices for study at various level of P.G/U.G catering to a cross section of students from all backgrounds.

Our Vision

An effective vision statement is vital to a strategic planning process. A vision statement describes what an institution aspires to become in future and the value it enshrines. In the long run a successful strategic plan must be enlightened Human resource.

1. To educate empower and make the enlightened Human resources.

2. To attain higher level of access and excellence in the higher education system of Rural border belt with greater efficiency, transparency and responsiveness.

3. To explore and nurture the hidden talent of rural students in general and girls in particular.

4. To disseminate knowledge and wisdom to create a knowledge society based on socio-economic Justice Equality.